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I am Ray Glasser, a near-life-long resident of Cleveland, and a WIXY fan from the get-go. I began listening to WIXY at the beginning, at a time when AM Top 40/Rock radio was in its heyday. I had a Webcor open-reel tape recorder and made tape after tape of the big radio stations of the day, including WHK, WIXY, CKLW, and KYW/WKYC and the music they played. To this day, I have 2 working Teac open-reel tape decks, and have transferred many of these recordings to my computer, tweaked them, and uploaded them to this website. I created my first website in 1997 for the Betamax video format, which completely overtook my love of radio when I got my first Betamax in the Summer of 1976. Although I still enjoy home video, radio is still in my blood -- and always will be. I have seen many radio tribute sites on the web, and thought it was high time that WIXY 1260 had its own site - even if I had to create it! So, it is with great pride that I bring you this site. Throughout the creation and research of this website, I have met many interesting people (including some former WIXY DJs and even one of the station's owners!), and it is only with their help and contributions that this site is as chock-full of info as it is! I thank these people for all their help, and hope that somewhere, somehow, a reader of this site might have a missing aircheck tucked away in his or her attic that I can add. I always welcome comments, pro and con, and anything that anyone can add to this site to make it more complete. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages!

These days, I am living out my radio dreams, involved in the re-birth of the legend as a DJ, videographer, programming coordinator and production manager at - check me and the rest of my 'new' WIXY family out there!

Ray Glasser
Mentor, Ohio

I am always looking for more materials to add to this site, especially DJ and News airchecks, newspaper articles, collectibles, etc. If you have anything to contribute to, please email me!