WIXY Sounds

WIXY 1260 had more jingles - and used them more often - than China has rice! In its early days, WIXY had a jingle before and/or after EVERY record! And, they changed the jingles often - VERY often! As time went on, WIXY used fewer and fewer jingles and concentrated more on its personalities to carry the station. By 1974, very few jingles were used.

This page includes both jingles (bits that are sung) and sweepers (bits that are announced), since they both added to the station's sound. They are grouped by type. As with the airchecks in this site, the quality of these samples varies from excellent to poor.

Many jingles below are copyrighted by PAMS of Dallas (many of these are still available today), and from Spot Productions, also of Dallas.

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